What is Java EE?

I am learning Java SE to use the web. I just can’t understand what kind of Enterprise Edition. With SE everything is clear – a set of different libraries that come with Java, the compiler there and all that.

But Java EE is a mystery. Wikipedia says Java EE is Java SE with very good specs, scalability, and all that jazz. But what does this really mean? Does SE have a bad spec?

The dummies description says Java EE is Java SE with dynamically changing libraries. What is it like ? If you mean the update, then on SE there is Maven and all that, then why EE?

It is often said that Java EE is needed for server development. But why ? Servlets can be riveted without problems on Java SE. To use the backend server, you can use the Jetty library. And all this is SE …

Personally, I still do not understand what is happening in the Java EE world. Can someone give a usage example or write how EE can really help?

Asked on February 4, 2020 in Programming.
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