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void removeSummerDates(Map<String, Date> map) {
    map.entrySet().removeIf(pair -> pair.getValue().getMonth() > 4 & pair.getValue().getMonth() < 8);

This is a piece of code – the solution to the problem of removing summer dates from the list. I don’t understand what the pair variable is , if it is a variable at all (the code does not have its declaration anywhere). Explain to a beginner in programming what it is or tell me a resource where you can read about it. Thanks.

Asked on December 17, 2019 in Programming.
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removeIfThis is a method that accepts a type Predicate(the type appeared in Java 8). Predicate– This is a functional interface that has only one method testthat returns true or false, so a removeIflambda expression can be passed to the method body for which “the predicate test method will be called later.”

pairis a variable lambda expression which in your case has a type Map.Entry<String, Date>.

I recommend reading a book on lambda expressions, this will help you a lot Lambda expressions in Java 8

Answered on December 17, 2019.
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